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A Short Sale is the sale of your home for less than the balance on your mortgage-HAFA / HAFA Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
FAQ's- Short Sale Website
Forebearance- An offer by your mortgage company to temporarily suspend or reduce your monthly payments for a specified period of time.
Reinstatement-Reinstatement refers to making a payment that covers all you late payments, usually at the end of a forbearance period.
Deed for Lease -The Deed-For-Lease™ option is a program from Fannie Mae that allows you to lease your home after the transfer of title to your property to the mortgage company.
A Repayment Plan-An agreement between you and your mortgage company that lets you pay the past due amount on your mortgage payments over a specified time period.
NSP Senior Assistance
Home Buying Assistance-Community Housing
Pets in Foreclosure Helping Pets Left Behind
Pick a Payment-Wells Fargo & Co. & Wachovia customers at-risk of default may be eligible to earn principal forgiveness by making on-time mortgage payments.
Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure-With a Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure transfer the ownership of your property to your mortgage company in exchange for a release from your mortgage loan and payments.
Lender Workout-Lenders often will work with distressed homeowners to help them keep their homes.
IRS- Cancellation of Debt
Renters - Fannie Mae -Helping Tenants in foreclosed properties